Every day’s a school day……

And so here goes, my first ever, ever, blog and as per most decisions in my life today, this defining moment has been ultimately driven by my wonderful, smelly, muddy, adorable dog. But if you’re a keeper, then you’ll hear more about her along the way.

I have a few defining moments in my life and most of them in the last 5 years interestingly. Maybe its my coming of age or maybe I’m having a mid life? (Smiley face) Anyway…..

This blog is actually going to be about a specific journey (with and end goal and everything), one that I probably started emotionally about three years ago, but have only physically started to contribute to in the past 18 months… and that’s been a rather slow, shoe-horned-in-between-life kind of effort to date. However, inspired and driven by a wonderful friend, this blog is going to change everything!

I am going to launch my dream business which is a lip smacking,  juice-quenching, healthy eating, motivating, vegan loving, vegi-spiralizing, well sourced, good living, ever giving…. Deli!

(For those of you who are not children of the 80’s the irony and melody of that will be lost – Youtube ‘lip smacking Pepsi advert).

But its not just a business, its my new life-balance, work-balance, family focussed, consumer conscious, community-involving,  #whatisyourlegacy, head-baby that I’ve been growing for years and am now going to release to the world; because now is the right time. I think people are ready. Life is ready.

The problem is, its actually not that easy to make the transition from a mortgage owning full-time employee with (wonderful, smelly, muddy, adorable) dog responsibilities to health-guru-entrepreneurial-business-owner. Hence, this blog is going to show the journey and hopefully help all of you other frustrated entrepreneurs’ along the way. There will be questions…. lots of questions, and I was brought up to believe that there is no such thing as a stupid question.

So lets get started. #everydaysaschoolday





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